The area of Vienne in the region of Poitou Charentes is characterized by flat or slightly hilly countryside.
The surrounding area of Journet has something to offer for everyone. There is a range of both long and
short hiking routes marked out, so you can exercise for as long as you like!

The area is great for cycling enthusiasts with many small towns and cities full of culture and history that are well worth a visit.
There are also several interesting attractions like Futuroscope close to Poitiers and the Cité de l’Ecrit in Montmorillon.

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    Many diverse hiking routes have been marked in the area, all are recognizable by the sign of a beaver carrying a backpack. Routes can be found all around the neighbouring villages and are varied in length and type of walk.

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    The surrounding area lends itself perfectly to cycling, both recreationally as well as with a road bike in a group. The terrain is slightly hilly in places and the roads are well maintained. There are no bicycle lanes but the roads are very quiet.

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    The area has many castles and picturesque cities and towns to visit. For instance Montmorillon with Cité de L’écrit, St Savin with its famous cathedral, Lussac des Chateaux, Civeaux, Chauvigny with the Cité Médiéval and of course Poitiers, the capital of Poitou Charentes. This is a medieval city well worth a visit, with the famous Futuroscope theme-park being very near.

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    Reptile House

    In Civaux there is a crocodile garden where you’ll find many species of crocodile and learn the difference between caimans, alligators and crocodiles.
    In La Trimouille there is a snakegarden, where, safely behind glass, you can see many types of snakes.

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    The famous amusement park ‘Futuroscope’ is build around the themes of multimedia, cinematography and futuristic audio-visual techniques, and is an experience unlike any other. For more adventure you can go to the Adventure park full of obstacles, rope bridges etc for young and old.

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    Physical Activities

    If you want to be really physically active and want to let your adrenaline flow, you can go to Lathus St. Remy to go kayaking or rafting over rapids. Many types of water-based activities are available, together with bungee-jumping from a 60m high overpass, in L’Isle de Jourdain. Poitiers offers karting and paintball is available in the Aven’Thuré park.

At our Chambre d’hotes you can find brochures for most activities and maps of the area with all the information you need.
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